Gratitude and Green Smoothie with a Spoon

For the last couple of nights before we go to bed I ask my husband what he is grateful for. He usually says: “you” in a “go to sleep” tone. But I have noticed something about what I feel grateful for and most people I know. We are thankful for what’s working in our lives and it’s great that we don’t take any of it for granted. But what about taking it a little bit further and seeing the good in the challenges.

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For approximately 8 years I have been suffering from: lower back, hip flexor, psoas, piriformis and sciatica pain. Trying every Doctor and method in the Alphabet: Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Egasquoe Method, Lymphathic Drainage, Osteopath, Orthopedic surgeon, Psoas Specialist….. The list goes on.

Every approach has a different diagnosis and none of those diagnosis have fixed me. I think you are waiting to hear what I’m grateful for…… I’m grateful that my pain has created awareness in my body from the way I move, sit and stand. I’m grateful that it allows me to relate with my clients that are in pain but most of all I’m grateful that I have learned to look past the “how unfair” to the “lets make the best out of it”

So what unideal situation in life are you grateful for?

Green Smoothie with a Spoon.

Smoothies have never been my thing. Don’t take me wrong I love them but I never feel like it was a meal. I like eating my food literally chewing it. That’s why I eat my smoothies with a spoon……. Not only will you eat them slower you will feel more satisfied afterwords. This is my absolute favorite bowl/smoothie with a spoon.




½ frozen banana

3oz. almond mylk (to make it a bowl) 8oz almond mylk (to make it a smoothie)

Handful spinach

1tsp spirulina

1 scoop of Protein powder

1tbsp almond butter

1/2cup Ice

  • Add a date if you have a sweet tooth for me the banana is usually enough

Optional Toppings

Bee Pollen

Goji Berries

Cacao Nibs

Hemp Seeds



Blend, Place toppings and Enjoy with a spoon.

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