5 Ways that prove that your kids are the best weight loss tool

After gaining 30lbs with my first pregnancy (and losing them all, and then some) and 65 lbs with my second pregnancy (this was only done in the name of science and in order to prove I had a great post-partum-diet-method, and also because who can resist burgers and desserts while pregnant.) thanks to my kids, I was able to go back to my optimum weight. This has helped me live a healthier life, and have some of the energy I need to be able to parent my little bundles of joy (and energy!). Below are the 5 reasons why kids can help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


1.     LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Ok, so when my first kid started catching up on the fact that I was eating yummy treats and he had to eat only fruits and vegetables, I found myself hiding to eat, which made me feel remorseful, and more aware of the situation. Why would my kid want to eat healthier stuff when his mommy was eating other crap? So, I started investing my time in finding yummy recipes that I was comfortable letting my kids eat, and they were yummy enough for me.

2.     PLAY WITH THEM. There is no rule to working out, it doesn’t matter if you do it at the fanciest gym, or in the small gym at your friend’s apartment complex. The thing is, you have to get yourself off the couch to make it count. I have an extremely active almost 4 year old who has more energy than a monkey on crack… who loves to be chased. So, in the name of having a tired kid by 7pm bedtime, I get my butt of the couch and chase the little bugger. We also play lots of tag your it and anything that will keep us both active.

3.     MAKE FRUIT THE DESSERT. This is a lesson my son taught me. Very few things make my son as happy as a giant slice of watermelon. His face expresses pure bliss. Fruit is the best fast food you will find as well as the healthiest form of sugar.

4.     HOLD OFF ON THE BINGE DRINKING. Before having kids I occasionally (sometimes those occasions happened very, very often) indulged in a few (or more than a few) beers. Alcohol not only makes you gain weigh, and make you feel like crap the morning after, it is also like poisonous and stuff. But who cares before you have kids! I tried having a few beers after kids, and OMG… never again. The next day was tough to say the least. Having to parent while hungover is a very ugly experience. So, now, I only indulge in the occasional glass of wine with dinner.

5.     COOK. My husband and I used to eat out a lot more often before we expanded our family, and even though I tried to always order food that was on the “healthier” side, it’s hard to know what they are putting in your food when you are at a restaurant. I’m pretty sure they aren’t cooking with coconut oil, ghee or making a meal with as much love. Now, thanks to having rambunctious kids who don’t have proper restaurant etiquette, who think throwing food is funny, we eat at home 98% of the time.  So now I know exactly what I am eating, and I’ve seen the results.

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