Learn to Sit. Learn to meditate. No excuses.


Why aren’t you meditating? You have probably read about all the benefits, from reducing stress, anxiety, to increasing immunity, focus and creativity (to name just a few) so I know it’s not that.

Is it because you don’t have time? Do you own any social media accounts? I thought so. You don’t have to commit to a long practice, you don’t have to commit to a certain time of the day. You only need to commit to sitting. The next time you are about to look at your Instagram account, make that a reminder to sit.

Or is it because you have a Monkey brain? Let me break it to you. You are not alone. On the first meditation workshop I attended, during the second 20 minute sit-down my mind was saying “what in the name were you thinking” “your feet are numb” “you should move just a little bit, nobody will notice” “you are doing this so wrong” “if you leave and they are really meditating maybe they won’t notice”. To my own surprise I didn’t leave.

During the break we had a Q&A and basically everybody had felt what I was feeling and some really experienced “meditators” still had days like that. I remember a guy saying all he could do was sing during his meditations. Thankfully I don’t know the full lyrics to any song.

But it really helped me understand that I wasn’t alone, that it wasn’t only hard for me, it was hard for everybody. It’s a practice of paying attention to your thoughts without being a part of them and that the only thing you can do wrong is not sitting. 

Not sure what to do? Easy, sit. Yes, start by sitting down. That’s the first thing you need to do. As we dive deeper into different types of meditations I will teach you things you can do that will help you during your sit down. In the meantime learn to sit.

  • Tall from the tailbone to the crown of the head.
  • Find your sitbones.
  • Hips always higher then knees to release the hip flexors. Use a pillow, bolster, block..(I used a foam roller for the picture above)
  •  Jaw and tongue relaxed.
  • Chin up, slightly tucked as if you are pressing your head against the wall.
  • Chest lifted, shoulder blades back.
  • Hands relaxed or with a mudra (more about that soon)
  •  Elbows slightly forward to create space to breath laterally.
  • Eyes looking down 45 angle or closed.



2 thoughts on “Learn to Sit. Learn to meditate. No excuses.

  1. Meditation has changed my entire life for the better. And your right, part of the challange is just learning to sit. Your doing a great thing here, keep it up!


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