Placenta with a Side of Rice: 5 Reasons I decided to eat my Placenta after my second Pregnancy.

After a really rough Post Partum time with my first son. Not only did I feel depressed, but between the never ending demands of a screaming/colicky child, having to breastfeed what felt like almost-every–minute-of-the-day and getting little to no sleep I felt drained, finished and just wanted to get my old life back. Everybody wanted to chip in with life saving advice, “give him formula”, “let him cry”, “Don’t feed him on demand”, “Sleep when he sleeps”, “you should have eaten your placenta, you would feel so much better”. While most of the advice was easy to ignore, the placenta one stuck, so when I was pregnant with my second baby, I decided I would look into whatever would make me feel better than the first time around.

When I told my husband I intended to eat my placenta his mouth stayed open for quite some time, followed by almost puking and calling me a crazy hippie, but gave me his blessing. After that, I went over to my O.B a couple of weeks before my due date, were I was once again called crazy, but, he then said it was my body and my decision. After that, I had to tell the hospital admissions nurse who said “You said you want to eat your WHAT?”. Told me it was impossible since it was medical waste, it sounded just a little too crazy and I would need a court order; it is Texas after all.

So, the crazy person living in my body just thought: Challenge Accepted! So long story short, my wonderful OBGyn smuggled my placenta out of the OR, and me and my placenta pills lived happily ever after!


Below are the reasons the criminal act leading to me eating my placenta was worth it!


  1. My mood swings were a lot less intense: I don’t know if it happens to everybody, but after my first baby was born I was just too full of every single emotion ever described. That made me cry and laugh at the same time multiple times a day, but mostly cry and feel frustrated. The second time around (with the help of my placenta pills) it felt a lot more in control of my emotions and I cried 3 boxes of Kleenex less.
  2. Energy levels were a lot better. I felt like I could get out of bed and had energy to keep up with the newborn and the toddler. This was one of the things I was mostly worried about! How would I keep up if I felt so drained, luckily I was able to manage just fine.
  3. Felt happy and joyful. To be perfectly honest, I did experience some baby blues, but they lasted 1 week, and after that, I felt fine. I was able to feel a lot more happy and joyful that I ever imagined possible. Even though my second was also a colicky drama queen baby.
  4. Increase in Breastmilk production: It felt like I had enough milk for my baby to feel satisfied without having to take any supplements and smell like a pancake (inside joke for whoever has had to take fenugreek).
  5. Quicker recovery: Even though I have 2 C-Sections (for medical reasons) under my belt, I honestly felt the second time around I had less pain and was able to recover quicker.


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