6 Tips to Embrace your New Post-Partum Bodies

We’ve all seen it on the magazines at the Grocery line Checkout, all these actresses are back to their Pre-Pregnancy weight 10 days after giving birth and look glowing, while we are still wearing out maternity jeans and T-shirts and haven’t taken a real shower in who knows how long. It looks so unrealistic and so impossible to achieve that we hand an extra bag of peanut m&m’s to the cashier. I have 2 kids, and few things have made me feel more depressed and frustrated than trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes after the birth of my kids, unsuccessfully I might add.

Some lady at the car wash told me when I was pregnant with my first that if I breast fed my baby the weight would come right off. Yeah right! Below are my 5 tips to embrace your new body:View More: http://villaseorphotography.pass.us/levin

  1. UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR BODY MIGHT NEVER LOOK THE SAME: I’m sorry to break the news, but, having a baby might change your body structure and your body might never look the same, and that is perfectly Ok. The goal is being comfortable with your new self and knowing that even though your body may not look perfect, you have gone through a life changing transformation who will be calling you “mommy” before you know it. You are no longer your pre-pregnancy self. You are a “mommy” now. So even though you might have some extra skin in your core area, that is perfectly ok.
  2. BE PATIENT: Repeat after me: You just gave birth to a human. The process took almost 10 months. It is ok if you don’t fit into your jeans after a month. Cut yourself some slack and be patient.
  3. SET REALISTIC GOALS: We all need goals, it is what keeps us focused and on track. Now set realistic goals for yourself regarding your body. It might be fitting into your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans, or your ideal weight. Then create a plan to achieve your goals.
  4. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE JOURNEY: How will you do it? Will you try to eat healthier? Will you start going out for walks every day? Planning is key, specially since you are now responsible for a little human and your needs might be neglected at first.
  5. IF YOU FALL, GET RIGHT BACK UP. If you loose your motivation because you had a rough day and ate some chocolate cake, don’t throw the towel and start eating Mc Donalds for lunch and dinner, always remember that this is a journey ,and there is always tomorrow were you get to try again.
  6. FIND A SUPPORT GROUP: Even though this a personal journey, sometimes it helps to have people who are going through a similar process to understand and encourage you to do better.

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