Parenting your 1st vrs 2nd

Even though I am not pregnant (and not planning to do so again!) for some reason I haven’t been able to clear away the fog in my brain after experiencing “Pregnancy Brain” twice.  There are days were I’m in the middle of showering and can’t remember if I already shampooed, lets not even talk about remembering to wear deodorant or the fact that I cannot go out for a tricycle ride with the kids if I’m in the middle of boiling pasta.

However, something I remember as if it was yesterday was the minutes before me and my first son were being discharged at the hospital after his birth. So many thoughts rushed into my foggy brain, “they are just going to let me take him home? I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!” Will somebody come and check back with us and maybe give him a bath?” “F**k I should have paid more attention when the nurse was swaddling the baby.” Luckily we survived the newborn/fragile stage and went ahead and had a second kid just for kicks. Now that I have 2, I can’t help to compare the type of mother I was with my first and the mother I’m now with my second.

  1. Googled it all. With my firstborn I spent countless hours googling every single symptom, hiccup, behavior and burp. With my second, I know better not to google anything that is health related.
  2. Sanitized and disinfected it all. With my first I actually boiled his bottles, pacifiers and food utensils every day. My second is lucky to have her binky washed after it sat in the dirt for an hour.
  3. Gymboree since 3 months. I’m not sure if I was just desperate to talk to other people going through the frightening period of having a newborn, but I took my son to early stimulation programs since he was 3 months old. He didn’t even realize he was a class and slept and or cried inconsolably for most of it. Maybe it was my singing. My second started at 15 months, and I did it out of pure guilt.
  4. Took him to the doctor after every sneeze. I remember making an appointment on those early days because my first one had coughed one morning. My second gets a visit if she wheezes. That’s it.
  5. Washed his stuffed animals every week . I was going through my sons old toys and they all look so beat up and have lint all over them, I washed them every week, and every time he had a cold. I have never washed any of my daughters stuffed animals.
  6. I used a bottle of sanitizer daily. The fact of catching my sons germs and getting sick was a scary thing for me as a new mom. I luckily have been able to dial it down a bit the second time around.
  7. He had a nut free, dairy free, meat free, sugar free, egg free first 2 years. My second tried peanuts at 6 months.
  8. I carried a complete diaper bag. I always felt I needed to be prepared. Going to the grocery store? I needed at least 10 diapers and 4 outfit changes. Park outing? 3 different bug sprays and sunscreens. I don’t even use a diaper bag anymore with my second. I just have an outfit and some diapers/wipes in the car.

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