10 Things I wish people would stop saying to pregnant women

The moment people find out/notice you are pregnant, it is like you land on a parallel universe of unsolicited advice in which strangers/people you know blurt out random thoughts, advice or judgement calls on you.

It doesn’t matter where you are, it might be in the middle of a park or the checkout line at Costco. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop once your baby is born… it changes into unsolicited parenting advice. During my first pregnancy this came as a curve ball, but my second time around, I just came up with witty comebacks (which sometimes I say out loud). Sorry Target checkout cashier, you were the 3rd person telling me I looked like I was ‘about to pop’ when I actually had 3 more months to go.

  1. Sleep while you can. It is so easy to say that when you are not pregnant. It is extremely hard to sleep when you have to pee every 30 minutes, your back hurts, and there is no comfortable position to lay in….
  2. Ask for an epidural the moment you walk inside the hospital. Well, that makes us pregnant women feel so relaxed and looking forward to the best day of our lives.
  3. I bet you are having a girl/boy. Do you have ultrasound vision lady at the Costco checkout?
  4. I was in labor for 100 hours with my first. Thank you, that sounds encouraging and inspiring. Please write a book.
  5. There is nothing better than an unmediated natural birth in water. What if I can’t take pain well? What if my baby is breech? What if I hate water?
  6. You are barely showing. I am actually showing and wearing maternity pants, but thank you.
  7. Are you sure you are due in 3 months? It looks like you only have a few more days to go. Are you calling me fat?
  8. You are Ready to Pop.  Gee, didn’t know I somehow turned into a balloon.
  9. Read “Blah Book” Thank you for the recommendation. Is there a cliff notes version?

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