How to be mindful. No meditation required.

We live in a time were “mindfulness” has just become a buzz word (at least in California). But what does this buzz word even mean? In a few words, it means to be aware of your surroundings. To be present.

In metaphor it’s like being in a movie theater with a screen in front of you and a screen behind you (past, present. Get it?)  Mindfulness is becoming aware that you are sitting in a movie theater with your feet touching the ground, breathing, and that is the only thing that is real.

In every class I teach I invite my students to stay present during the class. This sounds ridiculous but everybody knows what I mean by it. My invitation for you today is to pull out of the stories in your mind and into the present. To bring mindfulness to what you are doing.

Using your senses is a great way to bring awareness. Try this technique at least once a day, it will become easier the more you practice.

Name and Identify:

4 things you see

4 things you hear

3 things you feel (touch)

2 thing you smell

1 thing you taste

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